Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Can you be to tired to blog? I think so. I've been busy. Not on completing anything wooly and nice, but getting ready for school to start, having guests over (which I enjoy, but the house, the food, the bathroom), baking pies, spinning the aqua, washing and hanging yarn, washing more fleece. Oh yeah, sleepovers. Just the thought of that makes me know I'll be tired.
I feel the need to have the fleece washed before we get into those days when you think the sun is coming up, but, no it's going down. 7 or 8 hours of light (subjective) is all you get. Damp, grey, misty, cold kind of light. So, if there may be sun or not pouring rain, I wash and hope for a breeze to dry.

This is the Jacobs fleece that I got from my friend Sara. Can't wait to card it, spin it and then dye it. I like the heathered bits that
appear from time to time in the fleece. I think it will look good provided I choose the right colour to overdye it.

I think a mental nap is in order. Stop making lists in my head at night. Listless Sleep. AAAHHH!


Shelby said...


That pie looks SO GOOD! :)

Anonymous said...

that apple pie looks dEElish!! hope the company goes (went?) well!