Sunday, November 11, 2007

Plum and Berry

I really liked the way the first crocheted necklace turned out so I did another.

This one is with dark purple wire. 28 gauge, big hook, size J, variety of iridescent seed beads, fresh water pearls, 2 types of Checkoslovakian glass beads and disks of brown polished stone.

It takes 6 lengths of wire, each 6 foot long.

Start off with a simple slip knot. String the beads on the other end and crimp the wire so they don't slip off. Chain 3, slide the bead into the next chain, repeat based on how far apart you want your beads. Alternate the beads so that they don't all end up at the same spot on the neck.

Gather your ends together and twist them together at one end. Trim. Do the same to the other end. At this point, you can put on any closure that you like. I prefer the cone that covers the wire twist, but it's not neccessary.

With the extra beads, I made a pair of ear rings.