Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Soap, coin purses and so on

Well tomorrow will be the 3rd of 4 Felting Workshops that I'm helping with. The Feltmaker's Ireland have for the past 2 years been doing workshops in the summer for the Women's Prison in Dublin. It's a low security place that helps the ladies to sort out issues and gives them another chance. They have great summer programs and courses for them to participate in.

This is one of the projects we've done. When I was back in the US in May, I went to a Fiber Show with my mother. We found these great soaps. I bought one for myself. Then I found kits for the same price $4.00. Really cute. Really easy. So my mom has become the soap making machine. Queen on the Kool Aid. We made dozens. I showed the ladies at the Guild and they thought it would be a great project for the prison. Compact, contained, easy and they could take it with them that day.
So we're making felted soaps every week. It's a great beginner project with quick results. Looks cool too! We've moved on to small coin purses, mobile (cell) phone bags, wall hangings and coasters. I really enjoy the ladies that have come for the course and those that volunteer with me each week.


Leigh said...

Those soaps are such a neat idea. Would you be willing to give us a little tutorial on how to make them?

Jill Schaefer said...

I think it is a great program, what a wonderful way to give back and pass on your love for fiber arts!

Anonymous said...

glad everything is going well. love you tons!