Thursday, August 31, 2006

It Is Finished!!

So many things have come to a finish today. I love a list, most of the time. It also can make me nervous looking at all the tasks. I usually get great satisfaction from checking off the items and giving a good sigh.

First off the list is the Aqua Blue Cheviot Fleece.
I ended up with 9 - 100ish gram balls and 1 in a darker shade that I will use for edging. I noticed darker bits and put them together to form a large bat of darker colour. It's a little course, but I rinsed it in hair conditioner and it softened it up quite a bit. Now to choose the right pattern. Not to fadish, not to granny, something cool that will last a few seasons or more. AHHH!

Second would be the Prison Workshops. They ended with a bang (not gunfire), but had a good turnout and the ladies seemed to enjoy it. They had a completion ceremony and display of all the things that had been done over the summer. Nice to seem them so proud of creating beautiful things. I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would. AHHH!

Third is SUMMER. It officially ends for my children today. Tomorrow at 8:00 we begin the year long walk to school every morning. They are excited to catch up with their friends, meet new teachers and start new after school activities. We'll have to wait on how happy they are to see homework.

Fourth are the mittens. (no photo) Both have a matching set now.

And although the list is getting smaller by four, it does continue on the other side of the paper. I am choosing to ignore that bit for now. One check at a time for now


Cheryl said...

Well done on all of the above! The aqua is very cool indeed! And so, in the very near future, we'll have to put on our list 'fibre play day'. What d'ya say?

Anonymous said...

congrats on all your checks!!! i love crossing things off my "to do" list. give kolmy and ave big hugs for me and wish them a good start to school!! let me know how their first day back goes. love you,


tangelled angel said...

Wow Holly, that aqua looks lovely! you are vry dedicated....I must get going with my spinning again....
have a great weekend, pity can't meet up at the electric picnic..

Sharon in Ireland said...

The blue yarn looks delicious. Hope you get to knit something gorgeous for yourself out of it.