Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Expecting!!

It's a girl!! Really a woman. She'll be coming my way soon. I can't wait to use a custom size form to get my shape, instead of the usual patterns that need to be refitted around a real body!

Now I just have to clean the nursery/work space before she gets here. Hummm..... Duckies or fluffy sheep??? You guess!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's not hard to believe that blogs have a cycle of life. Busy sometimes, slow at others. Mine has been slow for the past 6 months depite the rush of activities each day. Blogging for me, started as several friends began theirs. I was the last of 5 to come on board. Over the years, friends have moved, married, had a child or two, so life is also occupied for them. I've let mine laps, what can I say.
But recently, I've been inspired to do something with all the pictures I still continue to take. Cheryl, of A Simple Yarn, has begun writing again and so, I was inspired to take it up as well. She has a lovely and direct way with words that are always enjoyable and thought provoking. A work smith I am not so, I will not attempt that. But hopefully I will be more regular at documenting where I've been and what I'm making. We'll see.
Thank you A Simple Yarn for being inspiring in so many ways!! Not a eulogy by the way!