Monday, August 14, 2006

Brown and Red

I love Strawberries. Now I love Wexford strawberries! We used to go berry picking in Indiana in May at The Picken' Patch. Pick one, eat 5, pick one, eat 5 more. Yum!! Autumn was Blueberry season, Summer was Corn season. You name it, you could pick it. We spent a lot of time blanching, freezing, canning and making jam for the off seasons to come. I still love the idea of that, but don't have the space or I would.
Saturday, Sara, Isobel, Sharron, Chery and I got together for a bit of Social Knitting and Chewing. All the girls decided to take pics of the Brownies and Strawberries (hence the name Brown and Red) and post them on their blogs. Since I wasn't eating the Brown (not a big Chocolate fan) I just had Red and not many at that. So I tried to sneak in a shot of someone elses plate and was BLOCKED from the shot! I was never good at basketball either. Did get a good one of her hand. Don't you think?

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Cheryl said...

Quite a nice hand, wouldn't you say? But not nearly as nice as those strawberries! Yum!