Saturday, August 12, 2006

Pieces of a Dream

Well something happened and I'm not sure what, but some of the pictures were able to be published thanks to Cheryl

This is our lovely hostess Juliet. She invited us up to Donegal in exchange for some help with a couple of knitting pattern projects for a Master Spinners degree in the UK. Ok, no problem. I had no idea what was in store when she said it was a bit rustic. Hmmm?? This is Trabinia the horse that comes and goes with her from Dublin. Juliet is an expert rider and jumper. Olympics and everything!

This is the main house. Four large bedrooms, six bathrooms, elevator, grand staircase, two wine cellars, amazing kitchen..... I could go on, but on to the next part.

House 2 and 3. The converted carriage house. Two identical residence with the community great room over the large blue doors. Sleeps 6 on each side and has a large granite fireplace in the center room. We stayed here.

House 4 is the Annex. It's separate from the main house and has this lovely glass room that looks out on both front and back gardens. You also have an ocean view from the glass room.


The Gate House is just in side the property. It sleeps 4-6. Didn't get to peak inside that one. The drive hides the main house until you come around a curve and there it is. This is not my idea of rustic. Did I mention there is a Dance Hall. You go along a little path and up some well grown over stairs. You must have the huge old skeleton key to open the door. This room in it's day was I'm sure amazing. It all was. You can imagine, with a little TLC, what the possibilities could be. End of part one.

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