Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let It Snow

Well, we're on our second major snow storm in December! It doesn't really snow much in Ireland, but when it does... At least this year. Last year was close, but not the accumulation. We've had 4-5 inches last night, several more this morning and it is still snowing. The amount doesn't sound extreme to those who are well seasoned, but without plows, salt, tires and cars equipped for such weather, it's a mess. No snow shovels either. We've resorted to dishwasher salt on the walkway to melt the ice. Works great!!

Roy and I walked the kids to school this morning. Found 10 euro on the ground and went for a coffee on the snowy way home! It's beautiful. Light, fluffy, not overly cold and perfect for this time of year.
We stopped off at our local organic butcher and picked up 3 kinds of boar sausage, and a large ham for Christmas dinner. We're expecting family from Indiana and Spain. I'm really hoping they open the airport back up by then.

Our little feeder for the starving birds. They're not use to fending for themselves.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Craft Market

Here are a few of the scarves I did for a Craft Show this past weekend. Suzanne, one of the wonders from Feltmakers Ireland was taking a stand and wanted to know if anyone had anything. I sold 2 hats and I'm not sure what else yet. Haven't been through the box since.
I'd seen some similar scarves and wanted to try them out in the washing machine. Worked pretty well. I used 3 different types of wool to see which I liked better. All the surfaces are covered in silk throwsters waste and then dyed.

This one is made from a mixed wool batt form Germany. A bit hairy, but I really like the colours.
The silk really picks up the dye and makes it shine.

This one is from Cormo wool that I picked up in the US 5 years ago. I really packs down well. Still fuzzy, but good. I like the aqua, gray, pink/purple highlights of it.

Merino/silk blend. Soft, felted down really well. A bit harder that the others, but softer. This one was 3 different colours before it arrived here.

The wool batt from Germany again. Different colour combo. They look cool on with a big shawl pin. They wrap around the neck 2-3 times.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

More Hats

The Frog or Lizard as my children call it. Made from Icelandic wool bats and silk hankies. Love this one the most, I think.

Simple shape of cream merino and black and gray silk hankies.

The Pom was inspired by friend Sheila's lovely flowers. It's a long wide strip. Folded in half and clipped. Role and stitch. Very effective embellishment for a simple understated shape.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nordic Blue

Thought I'd try a different shaped hat pattern for a change. Daughter, loves the hats with the braids, so we did something a little different. I used an Icelandic fleece for the first layer. Short soft fibre. 2nd layer is turquoise silk pongee fabric which I dyed at the Feltmakers Ireland dyeing day a couple weeks ago. Next was the fairly monochromatic layering of colours - grading plain turquoise, turquoise/silk blend, rust, lavender and then repeat until you run out of room. Last, cover the entire hat with a pale aqua silk fibre to cut down the colour contrast.

Curly Q top and sides took the longest to dry, but are really cute. Last, stitch on the butterfly antenna's as equally as possible. The next one will be orange for the little lady of the house.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makin' Bacon

Well, this has nothing to do with pork or meat products. In making hats for the workshop last weekend, I needed something for a band. Using the colours of the hat, it occurred to me, that it looked remarkably like bacon. All be it, very lean bacon. No fatty additives.

Here it is cut and filled with a salmon (to strong) and apricot (to weak) to produce a combo that Goldilocks would be proud of. Very close to the silk velvet ribbon that's felted into the main body. It's just right.

Looking forward to wearing it when I get or make a coat or wrap to compliment it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before and After

Here is an amazing pack of stuff I got from Her Majesty Margo, plus some brown wool and silk roving that I dyed at one of the Dyeing Day's at the studio. Oh, what will it be???

Ta Da!!!! The amazing ruffled hat and flower combo. Trying to make use of the last bits of the garden before it's all brown. Not the grass! But the plants.

Blue Face Leicester makes hairy felt. SO, if you want really smooth felt, don't use is. It takes more muscle as well, but is really beautiful in it's natural colours and over dyes gorgeous.

I bought a polystyrene hat block from a company in Germany. It was several inches bigger than my head. Makes for droopy hats. I borrowed this beautiful on from the lovely Sheila. Now I have to get one. It's amazing and adjustable. Made by one of the members husbands, in Feltmakers. Gorgeous and functional.

Happy, Happy, Happy. Now I just need to find the coats in the attic!!

Thursday, September 09, 2010


On Wednesday this week we had these. After a beautiful summer, this was the first real, day after day rain we'd had. Autumn officially begins in September, but August can feel like it's begun. Having said that... Avery, had found a Noro hat I made 2 years ago. She loves the hat. It's a bit saggy and falls to one side. I'm thinking Rhasta is in her future. She thinks dreads are amazing and now that she knows someone who has them and is her race and hair type, there's no stopping her. I have to reassure her that until she finishes High School, they're not allowed.

So being inspired by rainbows and all things bright, she selected the Noro Taiyo yarn. Cotton, silk, wool and nylon. Should wash well too.

Mine is on the left. A bit more subdued and hers is the other.

This is the way is perches on her head. Night and day. She does take it off for classes, but then it goes back on right away.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Seeing Red

Having not done much felt making while I was gone, this is the first piece I'm made since the return. Red hat, blue hat.... Dr. Seuss? Maybe? Anyway, a lovely woman came to the Studio on Sunday for the Heritage Yurt day and fell in love with Sheila's red hat. Please, please, please??? No, I really love my hat... Please, please, please??? Holly? Would you like to make a hat for this nice lady? Sure I will, so here it is. Ruffles, although not to ruffly. Silk handkerchiefs, not the nose blowing kind, but the super thin, lovely type that makes any piece of felt extra special. Dyed a small bundle with 3 red colours. Couldn't decide, but really like the multi colour effect. Might make a green one for myself.

I find reds and oranges difficult to photograph. After changing rooms 3 times and trying ever setting I could, the bottom one is closest in colour. 3 colours of wool plus the borders and the silk. It's very pretty and very close to Sheila's original creation.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hiatis Over - Part 2

2010 started off fast. Lots of sledding with enough snow to keep us happy.

Birthday party for the 12 year old. Bowling with 10 boys is loud!!

6th Grade Graduation. We're very proud. Roy was already back in Ireland finding us a new house to move into. Time was tight between School release, our flight back and getting into a house over a Bank Holiday weekend.

Evidence of the new house and the old tenants. Stuff, not bodies. Years of over growth, dirty carpets and unsalvageable furniture. Skip number 2 is coming on Friday. For the remaining overgrowth from the garden.

Our new family member Suki. Dwarf, lop eared bunny. He couldn't be cuter, as long as he doesn't eat my plants.

Extension on the hutch will fit her just right and the rabbit.

Avery went to Art camp this summer and then taught ALL of us to make beaded bugs. Note the concentration!

Dyeing Day with the Feltmakers at the Studio in Phoenix Park.

Assembling the Mongolian Yurt this past weekend at the Studio. It was part of Irish Heritage Week. We did demos, story telling and put up the Yurt and Squirt (mini yurt). It was a beautiful day after the morning rain ended. It was very well attended and hopefully educational.

Liz Brown, one of our members lives in Scotland. She and her partner, built the frame and invited all the Feltmaking Guilds and groups across the British Isles to do a panel for the Yurt. It was then combined and has been at over 300 events to promote craft and the Mongolian artistry of Feltmaking. It is incredible beautiful, inside and out.
Ok. We're caught up for now and I'll try to keep a better reign on time. Ha!

Hiatis Over

Boy does the time fly. After planning on spending 6 months in the US, starting in July 09, we ended up staying for another 5 months. Kole finished primary school in one school and one country. It was a good year for both the kids.
Although the crafting front was minimal (for me), I did manage to do things that I normally wouldn't or couldn't. Here's a little review of some things I was doing.

Canning was a jolt from my past. Although I completely enjoyed it at this time in my life. Prompted by dear friend Calla, who would drop by large bags of extra food from her garden, I was lured into making pickles and applesauce. Yum! Easy enough to do since supplies are in every store. Since returning to Ireland, I have found it impossible to find canning jars. Biggish ones, not preserve jars. Did find 2 on EBay for 6 euro. No thanks.

Resign rings for all the girls in the family for Christmas. Started that early enough to send a few to Ireland as well. Ample supply of supplies at every craft store. So I stocked up.

September birthday for Daughter. Ten is big and so was the Cupcake Cake. Easily feeds 10.

Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne, IN. My favorite festival of all. Piles of vendors, food, period costumes and beautiful stuff to buy. I found my all time favorite slippers there again.

Off to Chicago in October for a long weekend. Went to the Legoland Discovery Center. Miniature city scape of Chicago waterfront. Very small, but worth the $6.00 for the commemorative stamped Lego.

First snow of the year. Very exciting. I love snow.

Small apartments call for small trees. Our lovely neighbors loaned us theirs. Our first fake tree! I don't really like them, although it doesn't shed.

Snowman casualty. Yikes!

Family Christmas with EVERYONE this year. Really Amazing!! 20+