Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Crocs that Roc

Yesterday I got a box, and in that box were crocs, to wear with my hand knit socks. I know, a bit of Dr. Seuss is always good. Anyway, the box is from my mom with lots of goodies including a pair of crocs. Lighter than air, water proof aside from the holes and as comfy as your slippers. I'd been admiring my mom's and she went off and bought me a pair. The true test. Could I walk into City Centre without pain or blisters??? YES!! It was even raining, so the water thing is also true. Thanks a million mom!!

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Jan Luiken said...

Aren't Moms GREAT! I know yours is and that you appreciate her (and your Dad) immensely. We had such a good time with them when they were here in Iowa for the "Gas" show. So glad that your Mom shared your website with me. It has been fun reading and keeping up with you. A neat website!

Jan Luiken