Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let It Snow

Well, we're on our second major snow storm in December! It doesn't really snow much in Ireland, but when it does... At least this year. Last year was close, but not the accumulation. We've had 4-5 inches last night, several more this morning and it is still snowing. The amount doesn't sound extreme to those who are well seasoned, but without plows, salt, tires and cars equipped for such weather, it's a mess. No snow shovels either. We've resorted to dishwasher salt on the walkway to melt the ice. Works great!!

Roy and I walked the kids to school this morning. Found 10 euro on the ground and went for a coffee on the snowy way home! It's beautiful. Light, fluffy, not overly cold and perfect for this time of year.
We stopped off at our local organic butcher and picked up 3 kinds of boar sausage, and a large ham for Christmas dinner. We're expecting family from Indiana and Spain. I'm really hoping they open the airport back up by then.

Our little feeder for the starving birds. They're not use to fending for themselves.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Craft Market

Here are a few of the scarves I did for a Craft Show this past weekend. Suzanne, one of the wonders from Feltmakers Ireland was taking a stand and wanted to know if anyone had anything. I sold 2 hats and I'm not sure what else yet. Haven't been through the box since.
I'd seen some similar scarves and wanted to try them out in the washing machine. Worked pretty well. I used 3 different types of wool to see which I liked better. All the surfaces are covered in silk throwsters waste and then dyed.

This one is made from a mixed wool batt form Germany. A bit hairy, but I really like the colours.
The silk really picks up the dye and makes it shine.

This one is from Cormo wool that I picked up in the US 5 years ago. I really packs down well. Still fuzzy, but good. I like the aqua, gray, pink/purple highlights of it.

Merino/silk blend. Soft, felted down really well. A bit harder that the others, but softer. This one was 3 different colours before it arrived here.

The wool batt from Germany again. Different colour combo. They look cool on with a big shawl pin. They wrap around the neck 2-3 times.