Thursday, October 22, 2009


It my favorite time of year. The air is cool and the leave are turning. The smell of burning leaves and Halloween is in the air. The first autumn Craft show is starting this weekend.

Some friends from church have an annual hayride. We were invited this year since we're in town. Roy was out of town, so the kids and I took the occasion to go and hang out in the country.

Mostly because I wasn't sure where I was going, we arrived early. Yes, I did know there would be skeet shooting, no, I wasn't planning on participating. But.... When in Rome.... Let the boy try. His father would be proud. Neil was a very good teacher with the older boys. Koleman loved it and decided that hunting was in his future. After asking him what he was planning on doing with the kill, he gave me a blank look. I guess he didn't realize that there might be actual killing involved in hunting. Maybe the shooting range is more to his liking.

I also had a go after several declines. I have nothing against guns in the proper environment, but have never actually held or shot one. 2 shots were enough for me. LOUD!!! Even with the head phones on. Enough!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 10th

My Older Sister Laurie got married this weekend. She married a wonderful man and their very happy. So are we. They've known one another for many years and have spent the last year of so just spending time together and falling in love. They're amazing parents to their 5 grown children and are wonderful examples to them. All the best.

This is my family. My younger sister Jenny is on the left, then mom (3 weeks after knee replacement surgery, Lauren (Laurie's youngest) Jordan kneeling (Laurie's oldest), Laurie, Me and her dearest friend Dena from California.

It was very cold (32 degrees), but sunny. It had rained for the previous few days, so an outdoor wedding on the lake was not certain. It was lovely and Laurie wasn't cold. Adrenalin!

Roy (DH) performed the ceremony for them. It was sweet of them to ask. Roy and Jim have been friends for some time, so he was thrilled.

The next day she ran the Chicago marathon. 26.2 miles! Her first one! She said that she was registered and paid for before the engagement came. You can't train for that and not do it. They're off to Hawaii next week. We all went up to watch and cheer. No, I was not inspired to try it myself. I know my limitations and it's 26.1 to many miles for me. Yes, she did make a veil for her running hat. Easy way to keep track of her amongst 40,000 runners. It was fun.