Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Textile Class

Well after 10 weeks of taking a textile embellishment course, it's done. Had a great time and met some lovely ladies. Here is a tour. Heavy on the pics. The first week we painted canvas for the backgrounds of all of the work that we'd be doing. We had excellent tutors from all different backgrounds.

Eleanor -
Water soluble paper, stitched on the machine using a free form embroidery foot or removed completely if you don't have one. I didn't.

Anne -
Synthetic burning. layers of synthetic chiffon, ribbons, adhesive and anything else you'd like. Heated with an embossing gun. Really cool and really stinky. Lots of ventilation.

Eleanor -
Silk paper. Silk fibre, cellulose or wallpaper paste laid out on net. Very versatile stuff and lovely.

Debbie -
Basic embroidery. Big challenge for me. I'm not a stitcher, but I did learn plenty.

Debbie -
Open work canvas. I HATE THIS STUFF! Don't feel offended. I never did needle point and didn't last at cross stitch very long. I'm glad I tried it and will probably never do it again unless it's a form of punishment. Does my head in.

Mary -
Patchwork or Crazy quilting. Very fun. I at one point in my 20's made a velvet coat with the collar and cuffs out of silk ties. I still love it. Brought back fond memories of my grandmother and the beautiful crazy quilts she would make.

Colleen -
Free form embroidery. Fun stuff. Layering fabrics and stitching them down in no particular order.

Elizabeth -
Nuno felt. Well, no need to go on. I'm a felter, so it was pure bliss.

Mary -
Book making. Amazing binding and stitching techniques for finishing off our books either in hard or soft covers.

Really great class. Now back to knitting on Tuesdays!