Thursday, August 30, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Well, I have to say I was busy this summer, but mostly I was busy on making Christmas gifts. All are done and left with my mother back in the US.

We landed back in Ireland on Tuesday and I am still suffering from the jet lag. So we dug into the boxes that we left behind and have begun to make a good size dent. What a good feeling to tear down boxes and get rid of even more stuff.

Back to the real world and school can't come soon enough. The kids really need something to do and I need for them to have something to do as well. Monday... How many hours is that???

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crochet 101

This is the first Crochet project I've ever finished. I found that most people either knit or crochet well, but not both. There are exceptions... you may be one.
I have mastered the simple chain stitch and that's about it. It's probably the pattern reading. I loose track of where I am as soon as I put it down. Anyway, this is the project. Jewelry and needlework!

I used sterling wire. 28 gauge and a large J size crochet hook. Dyed fresh water pearls in celadon green and peacock. The cubes are a gemstone of some sort. I was distracted by the colour. Yummy!! There is also a smokey crystal that's hard to see in the photo, but it adds a hit of sparkle.

5 strands of wire at 6 feet each. Leave 2 inches. String 15 beads on and chain 3. Slide a bead down and chain three more. Work until the last 2 inches. This makes a 16 inch necklace. Do all 5 the same. Twist all the strands together and fasten off however you choose. I used a cone with a hook closer.

Really fun with great results. I will definitely make more of these. I may even put them on the Etsy shop if I ever get around to posting stuff up.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wool Hat

Hard to believe this is 100% Wool. Amazingly soft. I may need to go off the yarn diet for a bit of this.

It's Berrocco Pure Merino. Low shrinkage and did I say how soft it is. Man!! Pretty good colour range as well.

This is present #4 completed. Easy pattern with a good result.

I like the way the top makes such a nice effect with the decreasing.

Reminds me of a quilt block of some sort. I did the larger size on bigger needles to accommodate the head size of the recipient. Fits the sons head without much stretch and the wide cuff is adjustable.

Yikes!! New Look

Ok, I had to try it. Customize your blog. Took a few hours and lots of redos, but I got it to a point that I like.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wide Striped Bag

This is from the stash as well. It's really working out well that I have so many small amounts of yarn. Again, Lopi (orange), Manos (yellow and red), Lambs Pride (pink). The pattern is made up as I went along. I wanted something different in the shape, so I short rowed after about 50 rows.
I embroidered the lazy daisies on before the fulling.

The blue is from a yarn swap and I think it's Berocco. The multi coloured yarn picks up the other four. When for the square button and set it at an angle.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Stripey Bag

Here is the next Christmas gift done and dusted (Fulled). I used Lopi, Manos, and Craftspun yarns from the stash. I have a niece who is mad about purple. I had no ideas how furry the Lopi was when fulled. It was a small hairy animal that I pulled out of the washer. It was a little bit frightening, not what I expected at all. I have brushed it many times and still need to pull some of the pills off, but she'll really like it.

The pattern came from Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas. It has lots of pattern to choose from and a wide variety of projects. I still have a lot of yarn to knit in the next 3 weeks before returning home. Yikes!!