Saturday, November 05, 2011


It's time for the annual Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS Convention Centre. This year, Feltmakers Ireland is teaching Fabulous Felt Brooches at the Learning Curve "mini workshop"
The instructors have 1 hour to teach mostly new felt makers the skills and technique of making textile from wool fibre and fabric. These are a some of the samples that I did in preparation.

We're using a new type of wool this year. A very short merino fibre. Carded, not combed. It felts very quickly and super smooth. They will be able to do some stitching on theirs if they want to.

This one will be stitched along the "S" curve in the middle.

This one is nearly done. I prefer the cheesecloth or scrim fabric to most others. The texture is very cool.

This one has a little pocket in the top, made from an oval foam resist. Needs a bit of stitching as well. Fun stuff.
On with the show!! November 10-13.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


So after the marathon sewing projects, here's a peek.
Son is "Soldier" from Team Fortress Challenge. I know, it pushes my buttons letting
him play the game so much and even say yes, to making the costume. Turned out cool though and he really likes it. It will probably the last Trick or Treat for him.

The jacket was made from red "store bought" felt. Rocket launcher is drain pipes, funnel, old thermos, a bit of wood and black spray paint. Grenades were green, but had to modified to look authentic. Military surplus hat, couple of luggage straps, dad's boots and there you go. Soldier!

Our little flower. Small home made hoop skirt. Have the giant neck slash to prove it. Thick wire can be very springy and painful. DH thought he might have to get the super glue for the quick fix. Several layers of sheer fabric over an orange lining. Leaves sewn onto the shirt, head piece, orange tights, wellies (of course) watering can for goodies and an umbrella just in case. She had more fun putting the makeup on time after time "just to practice". I can see it coming. At least she'll have some practice in moderation, not a trip to clown college for makeup tips.

We all had a great night. Sat and watched the local lads stealing pumpkins, smashing them in the street and then lighting illegal fireworks until very late. Ah, Halloween.