Monday, September 05, 2011

Gosford Rare Breeds Show

Another year for Feltmakers Ireland to visit Markethill, Northern Ireland for the anual Rare Breeds Show. Last year was such fun that we decided to have a vessel competition this year.
80% rare or native Irish breed / 20% other fibre. There were no specifications on size or colour. The visitors were asked to vote on their favorite piece by placing a bean into the vessel. The one with the most beans won a beautiful Wensleydale fleece. I knew I should have done something cute instead of what I did. The boat with the little penguin won.

This is mine. I used Galway (white) Lincoln Longwool (dyed green) and a loden green Finish wool on the top. I also incorporated a few strips of cheese cloth, because I really like the way is looks as it becomes incorporated into the felt.

This is a detail shot of the cheese cloth.

I bought a Lincoln Longwool fleece last year at the show. They are beautiful. In the eyes of the beholder. The colours range from white, brown, silver and charcoal all in the same fleece. It was difficult to get clean because of the long locks, but well worth it after all.

Dyed green. Chucked a bit into the dyepot after something else. The exhaust was a pale sage green.

This is hand carded and teased out. It doesn't work well on the drum carder due to the length of the locks and the curls tend to be pretty hard to get apart. They do curl back up once the felting begins.

This is the new love of my life. Leicester Longwool. One of these sheep has the most beautiful charcoal/silver gray fleece. Tight curls. Just think of what you could make. I know I am...