Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nordic Blue

Thought I'd try a different shaped hat pattern for a change. Daughter, loves the hats with the braids, so we did something a little different. I used an Icelandic fleece for the first layer. Short soft fibre. 2nd layer is turquoise silk pongee fabric which I dyed at the Feltmakers Ireland dyeing day a couple weeks ago. Next was the fairly monochromatic layering of colours - grading plain turquoise, turquoise/silk blend, rust, lavender and then repeat until you run out of room. Last, cover the entire hat with a pale aqua silk fibre to cut down the colour contrast.

Curly Q top and sides took the longest to dry, but are really cute. Last, stitch on the butterfly antenna's as equally as possible. The next one will be orange for the little lady of the house.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Makin' Bacon

Well, this has nothing to do with pork or meat products. In making hats for the workshop last weekend, I needed something for a band. Using the colours of the hat, it occurred to me, that it looked remarkably like bacon. All be it, very lean bacon. No fatty additives.

Here it is cut and filled with a salmon (to strong) and apricot (to weak) to produce a combo that Goldilocks would be proud of. Very close to the silk velvet ribbon that's felted into the main body. It's just right.

Looking forward to wearing it when I get or make a coat or wrap to compliment it.