Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before and After

Here is an amazing pack of stuff I got from Her Majesty Margo, plus some brown wool and silk roving that I dyed at one of the Dyeing Day's at the studio. Oh, what will it be???

Ta Da!!!! The amazing ruffled hat and flower combo. Trying to make use of the last bits of the garden before it's all brown. Not the grass! But the plants.

Blue Face Leicester makes hairy felt. SO, if you want really smooth felt, don't use is. It takes more muscle as well, but is really beautiful in it's natural colours and over dyes gorgeous.

I bought a polystyrene hat block from a company in Germany. It was several inches bigger than my head. Makes for droopy hats. I borrowed this beautiful on from the lovely Sheila. Now I have to get one. It's amazing and adjustable. Made by one of the members husbands, in Feltmakers. Gorgeous and functional.

Happy, Happy, Happy. Now I just need to find the coats in the attic!!

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