Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hiatis Over

Boy does the time fly. After planning on spending 6 months in the US, starting in July 09, we ended up staying for another 5 months. Kole finished primary school in one school and one country. It was a good year for both the kids.
Although the crafting front was minimal (for me), I did manage to do things that I normally wouldn't or couldn't. Here's a little review of some things I was doing.

Canning was a jolt from my past. Although I completely enjoyed it at this time in my life. Prompted by dear friend Calla, who would drop by large bags of extra food from her garden, I was lured into making pickles and applesauce. Yum! Easy enough to do since supplies are in every store. Since returning to Ireland, I have found it impossible to find canning jars. Biggish ones, not preserve jars. Did find 2 on EBay for 6 euro. No thanks.

Resign rings for all the girls in the family for Christmas. Started that early enough to send a few to Ireland as well. Ample supply of supplies at every craft store. So I stocked up.

September birthday for Daughter. Ten is big and so was the Cupcake Cake. Easily feeds 10.

Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne, IN. My favorite festival of all. Piles of vendors, food, period costumes and beautiful stuff to buy. I found my all time favorite slippers there again.

Off to Chicago in October for a long weekend. Went to the Legoland Discovery Center. Miniature city scape of Chicago waterfront. Very small, but worth the $6.00 for the commemorative stamped Lego.

First snow of the year. Very exciting. I love snow.

Small apartments call for small trees. Our lovely neighbors loaned us theirs. Our first fake tree! I don't really like them, although it doesn't shed.

Snowman casualty. Yikes!

Family Christmas with EVERYONE this year. Really Amazing!! 20+

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