Friday, September 03, 2010

Seeing Red

Having not done much felt making while I was gone, this is the first piece I'm made since the return. Red hat, blue hat.... Dr. Seuss? Maybe? Anyway, a lovely woman came to the Studio on Sunday for the Heritage Yurt day and fell in love with Sheila's red hat. Please, please, please??? No, I really love my hat... Please, please, please??? Holly? Would you like to make a hat for this nice lady? Sure I will, so here it is. Ruffles, although not to ruffly. Silk handkerchiefs, not the nose blowing kind, but the super thin, lovely type that makes any piece of felt extra special. Dyed a small bundle with 3 red colours. Couldn't decide, but really like the multi colour effect. Might make a green one for myself.

I find reds and oranges difficult to photograph. After changing rooms 3 times and trying ever setting I could, the bottom one is closest in colour. 3 colours of wool plus the borders and the silk. It's very pretty and very close to Sheila's original creation.

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