Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hiatis Over - Part 2

2010 started off fast. Lots of sledding with enough snow to keep us happy.

Birthday party for the 12 year old. Bowling with 10 boys is loud!!

6th Grade Graduation. We're very proud. Roy was already back in Ireland finding us a new house to move into. Time was tight between School release, our flight back and getting into a house over a Bank Holiday weekend.

Evidence of the new house and the old tenants. Stuff, not bodies. Years of over growth, dirty carpets and unsalvageable furniture. Skip number 2 is coming on Friday. For the remaining overgrowth from the garden.

Our new family member Suki. Dwarf, lop eared bunny. He couldn't be cuter, as long as he doesn't eat my plants.

Extension on the hutch will fit her just right and the rabbit.

Avery went to Art camp this summer and then taught ALL of us to make beaded bugs. Note the concentration!

Dyeing Day with the Feltmakers at the Studio in Phoenix Park.

Assembling the Mongolian Yurt this past weekend at the Studio. It was part of Irish Heritage Week. We did demos, story telling and put up the Yurt and Squirt (mini yurt). It was a beautiful day after the morning rain ended. It was very well attended and hopefully educational.

Liz Brown, one of our members lives in Scotland. She and her partner, built the frame and invited all the Feltmaking Guilds and groups across the British Isles to do a panel for the Yurt. It was then combined and has been at over 300 events to promote craft and the Mongolian artistry of Feltmaking. It is incredible beautiful, inside and out.
Ok. We're caught up for now and I'll try to keep a better reign on time. Ha!

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