Monday, February 25, 2008

Jade and Pearls

I'm a sucker for fresh water pearls. But put them with yellowy-greeny jade and I'm done for. The supplies are from everywhere. Jade disks are from Potomac Bead Company in Virgina, the pearls and cool copper flower bead cups are from Beads and Bling in Dublin, copper ear wires are Wal-Mart and wrapping wire comes from Canal Bead Shop in Winona Lake. They are yummy!!

I did a long lariat necklace with the same things including the brown stone disks, a few crystals, clear glass beads and the celadon squares that I used in the crocheted necklace I made during the summer. It's about 40 inches long, so it wraps around several times.

I really need to get a good book on stone identification! I
used to think I'd remember what they were, but then the shape, colours, combinations, possibilities and time got in the way. Wishful thinking.


WorstedKnitt said...

Impressive. Love the photography, too!

Mary said...

They are gorgeous Holly. You should perhaps give craft lessons. Missing you at knitting, hope your class is going well.