Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Earings to Match

Over the weekend I did some beading. Trying to catch up with some of the jewelry that I have, but need additions or things that are starting to pile up. What I don't want to do is to start stock piling. Don't want to have to do a bead diet in a few years. I also find that I buy beads with a specific project in mind (most of the time) and then loose the inspiration after a while.

Narration aside. The lovely pearl necklace that I got for my birthday needed ear rings, so into the stash I went and found powder blue potato pearl, silver beads and a larger aqua bead. The are very similar. I'm fond of the cluster stacking with pearls or anything else, now that I think about it. I like jewelry with dimension. Good thing I am learning to make my own.

Over the summer, when I first got into this, I found a great little shop for beads and jewelry. Little did I know how great it was and the extent of the products that were packed inside of a small space. Lucky residence of Winona Lake!

These are cinnabar tubes, beads and flowers. Real Copper ear wires irritate my ears so I opted for the faux. I did use the original wires for the beads and the main body of the ear ring. The oxidizing process is really cool. Found a website that give directions for doing a non chemical process. You have to use urine... Where shall I get that much? Start drinking water... Lots of water. Press on, Next topic. Well I don't have one for today, but never the less, Move on.

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