Friday, February 22, 2008

Falling off the Wagon

As of the first of the year, I started my yarn diet again. Last year was very good and I only bought a few balls of yarn. Mostly for felt projects. Although I've done a lot of knitting, I really haven't made a dent in the stash. Redo!

Ah, the Avoca Sale! For those who don't reside in Ireland, Avoca Handweaver's started as a weaving mill, down in the Vale of Avoca. Bet you'd never have guessed that by the company name! Television show Ballykiss Angel was filmed there. Apparently it looks exactly the same. I never watch the show, but those who have can attest to the likeness.

Back to the sale.

Every year, around Valentines Day, they start a Yarn and Fabric sale. Cones of yarn, mostly weaving sorts, but cones of lovely yarn that is from the past weaving season or two.
Fabric, nothing much to talk about in years past. Mostly, very plaidy plaids. They're know for them. Nice Sunday suit for the Misses or a day out with the ladies for Gran kind of plaid.

This year was a whole new kettle of fish. I did some damage, but I have to say. At 5 euro a meter, you can't go wrong. I don't think you can buy interfacing for that. Oops, what's that sneaking out from under that lovely celery green voile? Oh yeah, I bought some yarn. A kilo or two of steel blue chenille.

This has been calling my name for several years in the store. They've been using this thick and thin in woven scarves and blankets. There is possibly 2 kilos of this and I've seen a couple of Louisa Harding patterns that would work great.

It Orange!

This is the haul. Above is the plum linen with a metalic shimmer to it (9 euro for 6 meters!!!), stripey tan and chocolate, tan linen, embroidered dark brown tweed, lovely celery voile (3 meters for 5 euro!!) washed grey-blue linen, cream linen and a lovely citrus green mohair with ribbons and silky yarn running through. I'm making a lap blanket or throw for the couch. Don't know what, but it was really good value.

So, minimal damage with yarn, but good value and lots of clothes worth of fabric. And it only took two personal trips and one personal shopper via friend going down again to pick up something I forgot to buy along with all her stuff trip.

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Jo said...

Personally, I think you did really well and got quite a stash to work on projects for some time. Now that should keep you out of trouble at least.