Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fat Baby Booties

Our next door neighbor just had a baby girl. What to make? Felt a baby hat or booties? Knit a cardi or hat? Hmmm??

Cheryl had mentioned that she was going to knit a pair of fulled baby booties. I thought they sounded really cute.

Little did I know that they came from Interweave Felt magazine that I had picked up this summer. So last Saturday, I went to knitting in the city all prepared to start knitting and Cheryl had finished hers and brought them along . I was very inspired.

These are my choices. Lopi, spare bit of pink Manos and a lovely novelty yarn I picked up at Loop, on a trip to London a couple years ago. Should be pretty and girly. I'll embroider a daisy on the front and put a little button or something on it.

This is a pic from the magazine of the back of the boots. Pretty simple I think. Buttons and elastic shouldn't be to tough to find. HA!

Knit One, Crochet Two is the maker of this yarn. Close up shot! Pretty fine, lumps of colour and sparkley throughout. Says "Dry Clean Only" It's only trim and with the pink, it shouldn't matter. Right???

Here they are. Notice anything different??? Love the Lavender, Celery and the tiniest hint of Pink. Isn't the daisy on the toe cute? Old Manos was never meant to be washed. It was used for knitting. The 1980's were not for felters or fullers. So, it's always a gamble as to what will come out of the washer on this. The other, well, apparently it's not colour fast as well, but, I have to say, I really got lucky and love the colours that surprised me.

These things are so hairy!! Hard to get a good photo of them. The lens keeps moving, trying to focus on what? Fuzz! I've already trimmed them once and will have to do it again after I brush them. It's like having a really hairy pet. The Lopi always does that with fulling though. Sasquatch... That's all I can think of.

This is the improvising that I did. White elastic was too white. Black, well... Black and colours are non existent. I was laying in bed not sleeping, so I was thinking of how to fasten them off in the back. SKINNY HAIR ELASTICS!! They come in LOTS of colours. I've been picking them up off the floor of my DD room for years! Cheap too! 1.50 euro for about 10 skinny ones, plus you get the fat ones to give to the DD. More bits to pick up.

So this is how the back looks with the new adaptation. I like it. The gold goes so well with the pink, yellow and orange yarn. Don't you think??

Opted to use buttons from the stash. I have a tendency to cut buttons off of things that I'm getting rid of, if they're nice. I usually recycle the fabric into craft bits and use the buttons to decorated my craft area, now that I have one. They use to go into jars until they were needed. So, I don't remember what this came off of, but I had 4. Perfect.


Cheryl said...

Love the baby Nordic Ugg boot! And also love the hair elastic loop adaptation cuz I had a tough time with the fiddly elastic string!

Very cute!

Jo said...

I wouldn't mind having a pair of those myself. They look like they would sure be warm.