Monday, February 11, 2008

Bit of Colour

I did some dyeing on the Blue Face Leicester from the stash. Have several pounds of it from Craftspun Yarns. It's gorgeous. Spins and felts like a dream. It also takes up dye really well.
I recently sold the Duck Egg / Lavender felt hat that a friend ordered from me. Good -bye lovely hat...

It was also the last of the blue/green fibre that I had left. Love that colour! Anyway, after searching the internet for the perfect replacement, I was unsuccessful. Hey, I'll dye my own. I have lots of wool just waiting to be transformed into something lovely.

The Acid Green was the first attempt. Not sure what I was thinking, but maybe went a bit to hard on the chartreuse?? Didn't add enough blue. I don't have any plans for it yet, but the colour is bright enough to use as a beacon if the power fails.

Second attempt came out just as planned. Variegated a bit, but that's how I was hoping it would go when I did stripes in the dye pan. Gives a deeper effect when it's felted without the many varieties of colour.

Red, Orange and Yellow again. Went a bit light on the red. Meant to match a red hat. I may sew in bits of red felt along the way. I have to say... I hate Navajo Plying! I haven't done it that much and that may be part of it, but it really gets away from you quickly and becomes an uneven mass of curly Q's. Plus I think it really wastes yardage. It's probably the way I do it. Hack job, this one.

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