Saturday, February 16, 2008

Create As You Go

Knitted from the stash from Summer 2005. I picked up the brushed alpaca for a sweater. After several years in Ireland, I've noticed that my skin colour can at time be close to the same celery shade of the yarn. Lack of sun does that. I used to have a fair bit of tan year round in the US. Even in the sub-zero temps of winter.

After some consideration, I decided to divide the yarn and knit things that wouldn't drain my complexion all the more. To bad, because this stuff is next to the skin soft and fluffy. Yum!

They started out as wrist warmers or fingerless gloves. I started with the rib back at the wrist and did the garter stitch on the rest. Fitting it as I went along. They were knit flat and seamed up the side leaving a whole for the thumb.

My hands are always cold and mostly it's my fingers. Why make fingerless gloves and leave exposed the coldest part? Mittens!

This is the rib from the back side.

I went and bought an assortment of shell buttons and used a good quantity from the button stash as well. Used green thread to sew them down and am pleased with the over all design. Pretty basic, but the green is a winner for me.

After wearing them today, they just seemed a bit baggy, so I may knit them again on smaller needles instead of threading elastic through the back. I may put it off to the summer. It has been sunny for the last couple of days. You never know, I may not need mittens soon!


Worstedknitt said...

They turned out great! Now let's hope for some chilly days :)

Ger said...

Holly those mittens are gorgeous and I love the button detail. Bet they feel really soft to wear!

TusaRebecca said...

Way to go on the mittens! Those are tons of fun!

Red Fish Circle said...

Hi Holly! Thanks for checking in on my blog. How cute are these buttons! Thanks for your kind words.