Sunday, December 03, 2006


Today should be a rest day for us., but the week is very busy and a lot needs to be done before then. Plus I'm getting a sinus thing, so I'd better get cracking before my head explodes. Messy, messy. Well drugged up on the Sudafed and can now blink my eyes without a great pulsing noise crashing in my ears.

Crafty day again. Making a few Christmas bits. Kole (son) thinks they look like space ships or planets. Not the balls, but the finished product. I'd agree.

The idea is not mine. I saw a friend in France, who had on this really great stick pin. She got it from her friend Candie Cooper who does jewelry design. She's a very gifted designer and crafter. Very funky stuff.

Anyway, starts with the basic felt ball. Size is your choice. Assortment of beads, glue and stick pins. Really cool to see the results

Here's the beginning of the process. I started out with sewing pins that have the coloured heads and switched to sequin pins. I was running out and the colours weren't great with some of the balls. So, you choose.
At last the first batch is done. The green one has the UFO on both ends. You'd have to dig a hole in the ball and glue the stopper into it. Not an easy task, but well worth the work. The colours aren't a great representation of the actual. I think they're great!! Yippee!! Another successful project.


Sharon in Ireland said...

Holly, your felting projects are fab, so colourful.

Sara said...

I have to agree with Koleman, definately look space age to me, but really cool with it. What will you do with them, hang them from your tree? Put them outside to let them know that we welcome them in peace.....