Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mouse in the House

This evening, Roy and I were sitting on the couch enjoying a bit of television. Holiday movie "HogFather" was playing. I'm knitting and watching, so I'm focused. Roy exclaims! "I just saw a mouse!" "A what?" I ask. "A mouse!" says he, to help me processed the information given. "Where?" "Under the TV" he says. "I see him, he's over in the Lego's now"

Neither one of us are afraid of mice and the mouse didn't seem to be afraid of us. There was no scurrying around, no dashing for large furniture to hide under, just a leisurely stroll around the chair, through the Lego laboratory, and over to the toy basket. "I'll get the frying pan!" shouts Roy with glee. There once was an episode in our past involving a frying pan and a cockroach, but that was another story all together.

Roy runs in with a towel. "Where is he?" I don't know why were referring to it as he. We're no where near close enough to confirm or deny that. "By the toy basket." So there we sit, on the floor with the towel as the mouse continues his tour of the children's toys. We patiently wait. It walks out, we stare, and Roy scoops it up in the towel. Easy as that. It now is residing in our bin. Heaven until Wednesday...

What makes it odder still, is that almost immediately after the mouse was placed into it's new home, Hogfather had a bit about the Grim Mouse Reaper. The mouse comes out of the hole, makes a wrong step and the little mouse corps moves on. Just really odd.

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Leigh said...

Cute story. I'd love to hear the one about the frying pan and the cockroach some time..... :)