Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spin In

Sunday afternoon I attended my first "Spin In" The day was organized by my spinning teacher Juliet. She had it at her home up in the Dublin mountains. As is usual at her house in the hills, it was a totally different climate than the rest of Dublin. Gale force winds greeted us as we unloaded our gear. Nearly ripped the doors of off Sara's SUV. Earlier rain meant mud and muck on either side of the road, so we had to be careful of our step. Narrow, winding mountain roads are an interesting adventure in parking vehicles for 8-10 drivers. We managed!

We were warmly greeted by a lovely fire and eager spinners, who had come from various parts of the country. There were a huge variety of wheels that night, as well as drop spindlers. Lovely wheels manufactured in Donegal, Louets and a variety of others. Each person really likes their individual wheel type.

This is Juliet teaching Navajo plying. This is done by making a loop and doing a crochet type hooking of the yarn through the loop. As you pull the yarn through and treadle, it twists back on itself forming a ply or twist. I'm not sure if I like the effect. I'll have to give it a bit more practice.

Here's a snap of the ball I did that night. It's a corridale fleece. It might have a blend. It's not the softest yarn. The corridale/shetland that I have is a good bit softer. Can't wait for the next one.

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tangelled angel said...

That looks great actually Holly! Much better than my finished skein I must say!