Friday, December 08, 2006

Knitting for Pleasure

Is that possible this time of year? It is for me. The pressies are nestled all snug in their suitcases and cupboards, while visions of other things are dancing in my head.

With the completion of the Fingerless Gloves, all the gifts are completed and awaiting the big day. I'm on to a sock. My first sock completed!! YES!!

Here is the heal turning done. I've really had a phobia over sock heals until Sharon showed me the way! Now it was a easy as pie (term used lightly). Can't believe I actually remembered how to do it since September when she showed me.

I've been drooling over SweetGeorgia's Yarn since discovering her website. OH, MY!! It is so yummy!! This is Velvet Underground, 100% Superwash Merino. It is really lovely. So soft and great to knit with. Love it. Can you tell?? Pattern is from Hello Yarn. It's easy to do on the magic loop method too!!

The colour is hard to translate in pictures, but it's browns, blues, dark red, cranberry and the mixes that come with all those. Happy, happy, happy.

The poor self striping sock is at a stand still for the moment, but will hopefully regain my interest after sock number 2.

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tangelled angel said...

Sock looks great Holly!! Quick, cast on for the second one!!!