Thursday, January 03, 2008


I finally decided to knit a hat that would go with many of the scarves I own. I also wanted something that would cover my ears and keep the hair from parting above the them, for the stylish comb-over that I'm trying to avoid when it's windy. Which seems to happen daily in the school yard.

Into the stash I dove and fished out red, pink and orange Lambs Pride Bulky, green (ancient) Rowan and the white and yellow are Manos from the 1980's. Fade factor on those are great.

Headed over to the Garn Studio site to look through their hundreds (it seems) of free patterns. Great resource!!

It's knit on straights, but if I do another, I will do it on circulars to avoid the multi strand stitching in the back. Makes a nicer looking hat all around without the seam.

Only one wash with 3 pairs of dirty shoes and it shrank down well. The white picked up a tinge of pink and the yellow must have to, because now it looks like a pale apricot. Other than that, the result was great for me. I made it a little longer in the head before the decrease. The pattern looked a bit shorter than what I wanted.

And yes, I love pom poms. So, it needed a little something in the front and the felted flower that I did just turned out all wrong.

So there it is. A nice warm hat for all the snow we had today!


Mary said...

Holly, it is absolutely fabulous and the colours really suit you. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I think my niece nosing in the pre-shrunk hat looks like one of the Fat-Albert gang. Love the final result. Your sis