Friday, January 25, 2008

Silk Wrap

This was the other project for Silk Day.

I started thinking... How can you present silk without it turning into Nuno Felt? Hard. Other than using silk fibre, which I did, how and what else can be used? I gave in. I needed another scarf or wrap like a hole in the head, but I had received this lovely piece of silk fabric from a friend that went to China. Ok, I'll use it!

I'm pleased with the result. It really puffs up around the back of the neck and pulls in close under the chin. Goes with more than I thought!

I also picked up some 100% Silk Yarn from Debbie Bliss. Very pricey, but for what I was using it for, it was alright. The colours options were Baby Pink, Baby Blue and Pale Yellow. None would be my preference, but while I'm branching out, I'll do a pastel colour range as well.

The silk fibre is awesome! Again, pastel, but Gorgeous pastel! Butter yellows, shell pinks, shimmery silvery slate and then the blends! It's like the inside of an abalone shell. You could seriously roll around in this stuff! Ok, enough!

This is the basic layout. Minimal wool fibre. I wanted to really pull it in on either end. I layed out the yarn and strands of the silk fibre for colour variation, then pulled invisible wisps of wool out to secure them all to the fabric.

At the bottom edge of the photo, you can see where the wool will pull the straight lines of silk yarn in. The wool is layed in one direction so that it will only shrink across.

This is the result. It shrank in by at least 50%. It is amazing what happens when you place the fibre in a precise direction. Really cool!

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Mary said...

Yet another masterpiece Holly, this looks absolutely fantastic. Keep up the beautiful work.