Friday, January 18, 2008

Silk and Hats

Wednesday was our monthly Feltmakers Drop-In Session at the library. Sometimes we have one of the ladies do a demo, but this month it was my turn. Not that I mind. It gives me motivation to do things I normally wouldn't.

Felt and I have a weird relationship. I like to design and plan things out ahead of time. Even it it just a little. Get the supplies ready and begin. Like cooking... What if you don't have quite the right decorative item? Who wants to go to all the trouble of laying fibre out when you can't finish.
Well I think the hats may have helped me along
to changing my process a little. I found I love
the freedom of just throwing colour down. Not having enough to make a complete hat, I had to use others. Could be good.

I used an old template I had from making a beret and extented the round bit at the bottom. Enough to fold up. Made that another colour as well.

Silk Carrier Rods an
d a white silk hankie was put on the front before the felting process was started. Helps the wool to grab onto the silk if it's done in the beginning.

I was pleased with the results. So was my friend Deirdre. She came in and ordered the one below. Same Duck Egg blue, but with lavendar for the trim. I added a bit of purple into the front to keep the design complete. Don't like the look of things that are just patched on without a reason. Needs to have a purpose. I'm amazed at how different the blue looks with the lavendar and the green.

This is demo piece that was done at the library, to show them how to use silk and cement most anything under those hankies. It is amazing what you can make stick. Bit of ribbon, rafia, synthetic yarn, anything!

DD is now the proud owner of another hat. Yes, it is bright!! Shocking!! Very
her. Photos don't do it justice. Neon pink, Purples in several shades and the green is because I like it! Thankfully she does
too and has worn it since it's been dry.

I like the way the silk crinkles around the edges and makes it pucker.

More silk projects to follow.


Anonymous said...

Love the color combinations. Sure completely changes the look of the hat. God job. I'll take 10


Cheryl said...

Nice pics, but have to say that the real live pieces are that much lovelier!

Jo and JD said...

I am so glad that you found me.... I love your blog and the really wonderful things that you make.

Now I am going to go add you to my list so I can find you again...

Mary said...

Absolutely Gorgeous Holly, yet again you come up with some beautiful crafts

Anonymous said...

you are one talented lady!!! love the hats!!!!