Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gifts of Love

Yesterday was my birthday. It was made up of several things that I love. Breakfast in bed. Prepared by DD, minus the chocolate that was also included. Because every meal needs dessert. See the beverage? Yes, it's Diet Coke. Keep that in mind. I don't drink coffee at all or tea on a regular basis, so Yes, this is my morning routine.

This is the gift made entirely by DD. She was quite busy the day before and that morning. Pompom, bookmark (not show), origami puzzles with lovely things written inside. Rubbers or erasers depending on your country and a spectacular card with an equal number of X's and O's for how many years old I am.

Palest blue potato pearls and aqua glass beads make up the necklace that DH bought for me. We were in a new bead shop and they had things made up for sale. I must have said I liked this one, so he went back and got it for me. I've got it good, I know!!

I love dyed fresh water pearls. Love the shape, the gloss, the irregularity. They are one of my favourite stones or jewelry types.

Here we go. DH also got me a Starbuck's gift card. Again, I don't drink coffee! But it's not for that. It's for the Frappuccino's. Especially the blended juices! Mango Passionfruit! Outstanding in the world of coffee. So that's why I got that. What a thoughtful man. I'm gushing, I know.

New book. Rumors have been good about this one. Apparenly Julia Robert's is going to be giving it to all her good friends. At least that's what the cover said! We'll see if I decide to give it all my good friends. Watch your post boxes!

Cool pen and pencil set from DS and the new felting book from Nicky Epstein. Yippie!! I love birthdays.


Teaandcakes said...

Happy birthday Holly!!
Hope you had a lovely, lovely day.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, the necklace.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Holly, hope you enjoyed and the necklace is beautiful.