Sunday, January 13, 2008

Four Score

Four score and seven years I started the socks. Finally, (a few weeks ago) they were completed. Here are a few highlights of the best parts.

I really like the decrease on them. Think it looks cool.

Heal is good too. Very squishy. Knit one, slip one. Makes them feel like French Terry fabric.

Did the same on the bottom as well. Squashy to walk on and hopefully it won't wear out as quickly, being a double layer.

The yarn of course is lovely. Merino and Bamboo. The shoes are still in the US that these were knit for, but I'll wear them while I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

Shoes are coming in March so you won't have to wait long. Dear mother really likes your socks. I'm sure a pair would keep my cold feet warm but I don't have four score and 10 days to wait.

Dear Mom

Mary said...

Now I do really like these socks Holly, are they hard to knit. I think one of these days I will try a pair of socks.