Sunday, October 07, 2007

Aaahhh, I Think

Well, it's been utter mayhem since returning from the US in late August. Can't even fathom the load of events and planning that has taken place since our return. Several Birthday cakes, spinning demos and workshops, reorganizing, reading which takes the place of crafting for me, Feltmaking Exhibition, new school, new after school activities and trying to catch up with friends. Whew!!

First cake is the wheat free, egg free, at home birthday party. DD turned 8 and is insane over the Littlest Pet Shop stuff. You have to have a girl 5-9 to understand. Little plastic Bobble Heads with the gigantic Precious Moments type eyes. They're cute, harmless, innocents and that's fine by me. Also to big to be sucked up by the vacuum sweeper!

The next cake was the regular wheat, egg variety that all the girls could eat and would eat at the party the following week. She wanted a quilt type cake, so that all of the pets could have their own land. This is the result. She got to pick the colours and sprinkles. Squeals of little girls as the cake comes out makes it worth it. The wrestling over who took what animal home was altogether amusing!

Done with cakes for the next 6 months. Knitting to follow.


Sara said...

I can understand where the kids are coming from...did you manage to get a sliceyourself? look great!!

diane said...

that is one awesome lookin' crazy quilt cake...