Monday, October 08, 2007


I'm knitting another pair of socks. I got the yarn in the US this summer and loved the colours. Seems everything in my life right now goes with the socks in progress. The orangish shoes I got this summer, the plaid dress that is exactly this, only a tad heavier on the burgandy. I was sitting on the bus the other morning and realized that it went with the burnt orange dress I was wearing. It's hard to escape it. I was telling DH this morning about the weirdness of it when my smoothie comes to the table. Yes, it also matches the socks. Not the green bit, the orange/peachy. I also got these really cool silicone muffin liners. Notice the colour? I guess it's just that time of year. I'd better hurry before the Christmas theme comes in.

I'm doing the magic loop with both socks at the same time. That way if I make a mistake, it will be the same on both feet. The yarn is Merino and Bamboo. Should be good! I'm trying to overcome the "Thing" I have with hand knit socks. I love them. I've only knit one other pair. They sit in the drawer and look lovely. They go well with many things in my closet. The "Thing" is, I don't want to wear them out! I've worn them maybe 3 times now. So I'll knit another pair to have on hand. Then I'll knit another and so on until I have no choice but to wear them more often. Crazy, I know!


Anonymous said...

Holly I love to read your blog --- but--- you are WAY to busy! :-) Guess that goes with having two young kids. Like your choice of colors!

Cakes were great Too.

Jan Luiken

marta said...

including the colours of your blog, which are lovely I have to say! one day I'll be able to make comfy good-looking socks like yours :)

diane said...

After seeing your socks up close; I closely examined my three pairs of socks and they are beginning to show some "wear 'n tear". I am going to re-think how and when I wear my new socks (the one that is on my list of things to finish)

Mary said...

Love the socks Holly, one day I will knit a pair - too many other things yet and they stay on the long finger. It would be disastrous if I went to all the trouble of actually knitting them and then they wear out after a few wears.