Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blue Faced Leicester

The last 2 days have been dyeing days.

Fibre of choice was Blue Face Leicester. This was pre-spun and fantastic to dye. Used food colouring, Kool-Aid and chemical dyes.

The fibre is also Blue Face Leicester and spins up beautifully.
Mostly chemical acid dyes on these. Tried to use up the bits left over from the first dyeing session.

Random dye pattern. Stripey, splashey, squirty and then some. DD helped out with the colour choices, so we have lots of brights and red/pink/purple combos.

I really like the dark one. It's dark brown, burgundy and gold nugget. I'd like to see how that spins up. It's always amazing how the twist effect the colours.

These are for the Knitting and Stitching Show that starts on Thursday. A mere 8.00 euro for 100 grms.
What a bargain!!


Lindy said...

Glad I will be at the Show on Thursday! Interesting colour combinations.

Worsted Knitt said...

Oh my how beautiful! I hope there's some left when I get to the show...

carol said...

How can such beautiful color combinations come from one person. You didn't gt it from the genes, one is color blind and the other can't figure out what goes with what.
Love it. Mom