Friday, October 19, 2007

All That Glitters

It all has to start somewhere. "All That Glitters" is the theme of the Feltmakers Ireland booth this year at the Knitting and Stitching Show. It takes a little nudge sometime to get out of our comfort zone. I would not be overly glittery. A bit of sparkle here and there, but not over the top.

In terms of yarn, I like something interesting if it's a novelty. This is to be used with a felt bag project that has been in the back 40 of my brain for a year or more. So, when looking for inspiration, just start digging. Without beading and adding lots of sparkly fibre, I was wondering how to get a project by the screening process. Time is in short supply for me.

I'd tried to do some stamping and embossing last month, really like the effect but, I blew up my heat gun. Wattage change from US to Ireland. Ouch! Smelled awful after I put it under the temperamental broiler for just a second or two. Maybe metalic paint and stencil, how about Gold Leaf. May just work. Now the challenge of finding it! Craft shops are few and far between on the island, similar to yarn shops. To bad, cause I've already started formulating ideas.

Found it and it was minutes from my house!! Great, zip over (relatively speaking) buy it and start the samples. This is the result.

Did a bit of playing with Fimo clay for the buttons and glitzy bits. Hadn't worked with it before. DD was enthralled, I was too! Fun stuff and quick results!

This is the begining layout. Silk chiffon with resist in the middle. Wisps of fibre over the top. Yarn arrange sporadically. More very fine wisps to secure the yarn.

The silk will create the Nuno effect I want and give the bag strength on the the inside. Fragile, yet durable. Is that possible. Yes!

Final Project!


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Sharon in Ireland/NZ said...

Once again you tempt me to other crafts, now that the inspiration is low on the knitting front just maybe I might have time to try felting..............