Monday, September 10, 2007


More catch up from the summer. I went to an amazing bead store this summer. It's the Potomac Bead Company. Located in Hagerstown, MD. Besides the impressive inside, the amount of precious and semi-precious stones was utterly fantastic. Huge bookshelf size spaces hung with beads in like colours and stones. Everything you could think of. Beautiful sterling beads and closers. I find those hard to find in the youth of this hobby. This is the store I got the fresh water pearls and green stones for the Crocheted Necklace. Good prices and huge selection. I could go on!

Anyway, this is Jade. Leaf cut and round beads, spaced with silver glass beads. First double strand that I've done. Lost one of them as I was putting the toggle on. Ooops!! Bit of a mess, but got it back together. It's a 16" and an 18". It looks nice on the neck.

I picked up some other beads, but I'm unsure of the project yet.


ambermoggie said...

Holly it is beautiful:)
amber in england

Sara said...

Very very pretty! you are a woman of many talents!