Saturday, February 03, 2007

Knitting Lace

I love lace, although I don't wear it much or decorate with it. I love the Shawls, wraps, socks and everything else people are knitting with lace. I don't knit lace. Mostly because knitting becomes work instead of pleasure for me. I have to focus to much on every row and nothing else can distract me. I am easily lost from one row to the next with YO and K2T and SSK. Heaven help me if someone asks a question. I'll have to FROG and begin again.
So you may ask, "Why do you have this book on your blog?" Because I now own this book. It came to me for my birthday from my husband in a round about way. (Returned a few gifts) Again, why did I buy this book? Mostly it the colour of this wrap that did me in! I bought it without even having the book in hand!
Since the book arrived, I've sourced a Lace Knitting Class at This Is Knit in Blackrock. Two stops on the Dart (Train) and I was there.
Today was the first day of two lessons. I learned a great new cast on for lace. Lisa had 2 lovely women there teaching and showing everyone how to knit basics and assisted those who were a bit more advanced.

Also got 3 new patterns that came with the class. Three different levels. They can be knit as scarves or wraps. I chose the hardest one because of the pattern it produced.
This is the edging of the scarf. Not sure if I will finish it, but it was good practice. Next week will be chart reading so that is a big interest to me. I have seen several wraps that are done from a graph and I'm not sure how to approach them. Now I will.


Diane said...

oh you are going to love your finished lace project...notice I am not commenting on the knitting part! good luck and enjoy...

Leigh said...

I have to agree about the 'knitting lace seems like work' thing. I reckon that's why I have a 2 year old lace ufo . Seems like you're overcoming that however. Your edging is lovely.

Sharon in Ireland said...

Oh, reading charts - take notes for me will ya? Looking forward to seeing some more lacy knits on your blog.

jordan said...

wow... i'm impressed! that looks amazing!! i love you holly. i miss seeing you and being around you. but that will change in a few months!! heck yes!