Friday, February 09, 2007

Felt Jewelry

This month is Jewelry and Felt month for Feltmakers Ireland. Every month we have a drop in at the library for people who are interested in making felt. Young and old, new or with great experience can come an impart wisdom. Or just show really cool stuff. Our beloved founder, Elizabeth is doing a segment on jewelry.
This week she is in Tucson Arizona at the worlds largest bead and jewelry show. Not for the Guild, that would be grand! But for her own interest, that happens to be what we're doing this month. Lucky Us!
So I thought I would do up a few bits for the event. We encourage everyone to come and felt or bring items that relate to the topic. So this is what I've been piddling with for the past few weeks.
I made the traditional felt balls, dye some silk, got out the beads, wire, nylon and needles and set to work.

My friend Colleen's brother owns this great new bead shop in Bray. Not to far from us. He has great things. Unusual things. So I used the first medallion as an inspiration of colour. Greens and blues. Love those!
While in Portugal, I bought a necklace that had a felt flower on it. It was needle felted. I used small cookie cutters to form the circular shapes then pulled in the sides with embroidery floss. Little bead in the centre and your done.

Getting the needle through was the hardest part. Pliers, the whole deal. Anyway, I'm pleased with the result. They're really quite small. 2" on the large one and 1" on the small. I used some of the silk that I dyed for a bit of colour over the whitish fleece.
This is the completed project. I'm working on an orange one today and maybe a ring or two.

More later.


Cheryl said...

That is really super, Holly! I couldn't envision the jewelry when you were explaining over the phone, but that green-blue combo is just stunning! Mmmmm! And the beads are extremely cool.....

Can't wait to see the others!

Ger said...

What a beautiful craft, Holly, and the jewellery looks beautiful.

tangelled angel said...

wow that is pretty cool alright. You are a wonder of hidden talents!!!

Diane said...

oh the jewels are so pretty...methinks, feltmaking will be next on my list of many things to do (don't worry Cheryl, I'm still committed to the spinners)

Rebecca (rural Irish eco felter!) said...

Thats something I haven't tried yet, your creation is very inspiring.

Mary said...

Really lovely jewellery Holly - well done.