Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Day After

Last night as the children were heading off to bed, our son says "I can't believe it's already over." Yes, sad as it is for us, the heart decor will soon be taken down, but the memories will live on until the next holiday.

The children were both hard at work making Valentine/Get Well cards for the DH and myself. They were both very nervous by the look of Mama, laying in a heap in the bed, that the Festivities would be cancelled. But the beauty, and I mean beauty of the 24 hour flu is that it's just that. 24 hours. Can't say the energy or appetite is back, but the worst is over.

So here is the breakdown of events:

Sunday - Made cookies and paper for Valentine's day.
Decorated the house for Avery's girly party on Monday.
Kept working on felt jewelry.
Baked chocolate chip/M&M muffins for party.

Monday - Cleaned house, got ready, picked up girls, had party with cookies, cards and muffins.
Began the flu.

Tuesday - Don't know... Vague memory

Wednesday - Hello.. I'm up and out of bed, finishing off all the things I had planned for yesterday. Had party with the kiddies and husband when they got home from swimming. Even managed the gluten free Love Heart Pizza in honor of the day.

Today - We are preparing for house guests that will come this afternoon. Sean-2, Meghan-4 They will be staying with us for 3.5 days while their parents take one final trip before their new sibling arrives in April. We will be busy.

But one parting opinion. I think this is the sweetest card, made by my son, who doesn't consider himself an artist, but certainly is sentimental. Priceless to me.

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OldRound said...

Very Sweet! I love how the 'home' sign is pointing to you, even though I can see the house is just beyond you. But home is where the mom is, right?