Tuesday, February 13, 2007


My friend Sara knit this great hat from Knitty. The Calorimetry. Well, not really a hat, more of a band. She said that she would prefer it a bit narrower. I was also reading someone else's blog that made the same suggestion. I knit mine out of Kilcarra yarn. I love the green. I used the yarn from a pair of fingerless gloves that never came to pass, but didn't want to waste the yarn.

I modified the number of repeats. I only did 5 short row turns, then continued on as specified. It seems to fit me better that way.


Teaandcakes said...

That looks great - love that colour on you!

Cheryl said...

Looks great! What a great colour!

tangelled angel said...

Great Calorimetry Holly!! I think I'll frog mine and reknit it again to make it a bit smaller. Definately would use it then. I've only worn it around the house since I knit it which is a waste!
Love that colour