Monday, November 20, 2006

Knitting Coils

Do you remember the Coils? I wasn't sure what to do with it. Knitting can sometimes cover up the beauty of the yarn. Isobel had knitted this lovely openwork scarf that I thought would really suit this yarn. She generously gave me the pattern.

It is a combo of knit 2 together/yarn over. I've used it before on a few things, but.... Mine always seems to move sideways. It doesn't hang straight. So as hers was perfect.. I'd give it a try.

Half way through.... It's a wave, right then left. Nice!! FROG!!! Not easy with the coils. Ok, I'll try and follow the pattern exactly. By this time I can see the shift in pattern from row to row and 2-3 hours later!!

Voila! Trellis Pattern Scarf. I love it. It's very light and lofty, yet warm with the wool. Happy, happy, happy!!


Isobel said...

Ohh, that's really lovely looking - it really shows off the yarn, doesn't it? Looks completely different to the one I did in the debbie bliss merino. Both great of course, it's just amazing how the same pattern with different yarn can look different.

Cheryl said...

VERY cute scarf 'in person' I must say!

Sharon in Ireland said...

Welcome back, the pics of France look great. Love the colours in the coils.

Sara said...

That is lovely alright!!

Leigh said...

It's absolutely yummy! I love the colors as well as the coils.