Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cobweb Felt

I took a workshop over the summer on making cobweb felt. This beatiful, shear, gossimer felt is amazing to make. The process of stretching out fiber in a very shear layer and transforming it into fabric is fantastic. Soap, water, wool and friction. Wow, what a result. There are small red beads scattered around the the bottom in little lines. Needed just a little something!
This was a birthday gift for Cheryl. One thing she doesn't do yet is make Felt. Yes!! I can do that and I really like it too! Turns out, so does she... So it was a Happy Birthday to her.
More are in the works for Christmas gifts. I was thinking, teacher gifts from the kids. Also my friend Katrina is moving back to Australia in early December, so I will make one for her.
More later. I've been a knitting fool. 2 scarves, 1 completed pair of fingerless gloves, 1 nearly complete pair of fingerless drop stitch, gauntlet style gloves (ran out of yarn) and 1 fetching nearly done. Wool/Silk blend... YUM!!


Sara said...

oops, that is if you fancy coming back from France just to meet us little knitters.....Oohh la la

jordan said...

WOW!!! that looks awesome! happy thanksgiving (a few days in advance). give everybody hugs for me. i love you! hope france was fun.


Diane said...

oh you are so good...I think you will be one of the lucky ones who will be sitting back and "knitting for pleasure" while I will be madly completing my Christmas gifts the week before Christmas.

Sharon in Ireland said...

And after seeing the cobweb felt "in person" I can confirm that it's truely lovely. Well done Holly, is there any craft you haven't yet mastered?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love to felt things for my friends as well.