Saturday, November 11, 2006

Grammy Clause

My parents have come to visit for 3 weeks! We always love the visit. Avery loves the craft things my mother brings. She always comes up with amazing stuff for the kids to do. Glue stick heaven!!
Dad keeps busy by teasing the kids (which they love) and trimming our garden or yard. Yesterday was tree trimming day. A few large branches quickly turned into 3 small piles of leaves, branches and stumps. All precisely cut into equal lengths. 10 on the score card for tidiness and 10 for precision.
This would be some of the food portion of the visit. Some of the things that we can't get here or are just to expensive. Corn husks for making Tamales, Pepperoni, Enchilada Sauce and dried Cranberries. The cranberries are available, but you need to mortgage the non existing house to buy enough for baking.
There was also more things that we love, need or want. Mostly the wanting.... No wonder my house is so full. Anyway, we are having a good time.
Today is prep day. Tomorrow Roy and I leave for France. We'll be gone for 5 days. Don't ask where we are going, I don't know. Outside of Lyon is all I know. Roy's at a conference and I'll be doing some knitting.


Sara said...

Oh have a lovely time Holly! Sounds idealic to me, France AND knitting! Hope your parents have a lovely time here also

Cheryl said...

Love the way that's said.....Roy=conference, Holly=knitting. That's what I like, a woman with her priorities straight!

Diane said...

Have a great time in France, I hope to meet up with you when you get back.