Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fingerless Gloves and the Magic Loop

Sounds like the beginning of a good Fairy Tale. Once upon a time, before we left for France, I bought some Addi needles from Lisa at This is Knit. Ok enough, I can knit, but not great at the story telling thing. Anyway, extra long. I wanted to do the magic loop. I don't mind the multi needle approach, but it's just fiddly. The first row is the worst. Not that it's bad by any means, but the loop is great!! Half of the stitches on one needle, half on the other. Pull the long cables out on either side. Cheryl taught me the begging step of flipping the first and last stitch from one needle to the other so that the transition is smooth.

The purple yarn is Lorna's Lace Wool/Silk blend. I had to decrease the cast on amount by 5 stitches. It doesn't have very much spring to the yarn, but it is soft! I made them a bit longer than the pattern called for too. Don't like draft up the sleeves

Next was the Kilcarra wool. Love the green colour. Has bits of orange and purple in the wool. A bit scratchy at first but toasty non the less.

The fingerless gauntlet gloves came to a stand still in France. Yarn ran out. Bummer! Ruined my knitting schedule, but today I was up at Craftspun yarns with mom and Cheryl for a restock of the green. Success, plus another item or two for the non Christmas knitting. This is the last one. Not telling who they're for!!! Sorry girls!!

All the gifts are done except one. All are in the suitcase and ready to be taken back to the US. The goal has been met!!! Yes!!

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Sara said...

I don't believe it, that is the exact colour of Donegal tweed that I have lurking in my stash......honestly I wouldn't have minded you having it...looks great btw!