Sunday, November 19, 2006

Finishing Projects

Today was finishing up day. All the bits laying around, that were mostly done, but not quite. 2 hats for friends were completed. Forgot the photos. Ooopps!! Was in a rush to get to a birthday party today. This bag and it's fraternal twin were completed tonight. Trim on, snap sewn, handles attached. Ahhh. A new knitting bag or two.
I love the ribbon on this one. Hard to see, but it has a bit of celery green with the aqua. Just seems to add a little life to the bag. I'm on the hunt for the perfect button to go in the middle of the flower.

The bag is an Interweave Knits pattern. 50x28 before felting. YOW!! Big enough to sleep in! Hands were 84" long. They turned out a bit long, but you can cut the stuff once it felted. I decided not to cut a hole in the top for the handle. I just thought it might pull to much. Anyway, I'm very pleased with it and glad it's done.

Tomorrow will begin the tale of knitting in France with pictures this time!

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