Friday, July 14, 2006

They're Here, They're Here!!

When I was in the US in May, I had a fab time. I arrived with one suitcase and a duffel bag inside "Just in Case" I found anything that I may need. Well I left the bag with M&D, filled and brought back their biggest suitcase.... Plus, I shipped two boxes back to Ireland.

Avery (daughter) couldn't wait... not really for what was in the boxes, but the box. "Is it big? Can I fit inside? Can I make a castle? Can we buy a new refridge so we can get a big box???" Anyway, the boxes were emptied in no time flat and the children, son and daughter are inside the boxes. Cheap fun. Not really. It costs a lot to mail boxes from the US.

Inside the boxes were all sorts of things. Electronic dental flosser, yes, Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Hello Kitty and Dora the Explorer Band Aids (plasters) and tons of Birthday, Christmas and school kid gifts that are much cheaper for us to buy in the US than in Ireland.

My mom and dad are auction addicts and I come from that gene pool too. They always come up with the coolest stuff that comes in a box for $1.00. Also in the box was a knitting needle holder. Great black plaid with beautifully colored needles inside. Bright metals, lovely tortoise shell plastic ones and many great settle of DP needles in cases. I really loved them all, but only brought home part. The rest was given to a new knitting group that was started at the church my parents attend. They were thrilled, as I would have been too.

Probably the most important, exciting, thrilling, FREE thing was the Drum Carder. Yes, I said FREE!!! I was attending the church that my parents attend on a Sunday morning. Lots of very dear friends go to this church, so there was a lot of catching up to do. I was in the Bible study class that they attend and was talking to Shelly, a friend of M&D's. They have children my age. Chatting about what we each do. She's a knitter too. I was telling her about the Fibre Show that mom and I had been to the day before and she says. "I use to spin my own yarn, now I just knit. I have an Ashford wheel and a drum carder I'm thinking of selling." I told her about the new fibre arts guild that just started in a near by town. Maybe they could advertise it for you. She agreed. We talked about making cards, which I use to do and she recently has started to do. We said goodbye at the end of class and wished each other well.

The phone rang later that afternoon. It was Shelly. She said she had something for me. I really had no idea. She stopped by and had a beautiful card that she had made. That was so thoughtful. Then she turned around and brought the carder in from the front porch. I didn't know what to say.... She said that she thought I should have it. That was it. Just thought I should have it. "Thank you so much." I stammered. Wow what a gift. In the words of my mom.
"God works in mysterious ways" I would agree.


Joni said...
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tangelled angel said...

Drum Carder looks great Holly!! So will you be renting this one out to us poor drum carder-less folks? (Only joking, the guild one suits just fine!)